New Territory Development is a mission-driven membership-based co-living real-estate development designed for change-makers and impact-entrepreneurs, who are interested in giving back to the community they live in. Offering short-term furnished room rentals on flexible lease terms (3,6,9,12 months) with added services such as weekly cleaning, chef-prepared meals, branded member-only events, mentor speaking series, and crossover collaboration opportunities.


New Territory Development will team up with a charity in each market they enter that focuses on STEAM education for local inner-city youths, education, and health. We will donate 2% of our gross revenues per month to this local charity. As well as host mentor events in the house where a young person will be mentored by one of our Creators. This type of mentoring relationship will provide invaluable positive changes to a young person’s future as well as impact the life and career of the change-maker and impact-entrepreneur living at New Territory.


“New Territory Development would like to engage with ideas of, both, emerging professional clientele and the aging population by using co-living environments. To be shared between younger professionals AND mentors who have a similar social impact or impact-entrepreneurship mind-set (target market), this space could organically establish new business opportunities or communities.

We are looking to further develop the potential partnerships and private/public foundation side of the business, whereby New Territory Development does not necessarily become the mediator of the “foundation” or philanthropic operational efforts, but we plan to work with a non-profit/foundation that already has similar mindsets within their mission. This would make launching or recruiting individuals who are living in New Territory easier.”

– Wendy W Fok | Founder


Often times new real estate developments take advantage of the creative community and neighborhoods. With the influx of new residents into existing communities, gentrification is sometimes inevitable. Many of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn NY where new developments bring do not always consider the effects they have on the larger contribution to the community. New Territory Development would like to change that, and make a larger social impact on contributing back to society.

Targeted at the Global Creative Citizen, New Territory Development values the attitudes of the international lifestyle and offers the basic essentials of an active and global lifestyle to the members. Offering young professionals within the creative field the opportunity a tranquil spaces to live in, while co-mingling with especially curated brands and in-person networking opportunities with mentors and colleagues that are catered to tastes of our members.