Members and Residents at New Territory are career and life-focused individuals who want to be Change-Makers, Innovators, and Creators in their respective fields. They value relationships and networks, learning and collaborating, as well as giving back to the global community.

Our team at New Territory carefully curates the lifestyle opportunity of the creatives that choose to co-live, and potentially co-design with their cohorts. Partnering with various impact-driven brands and mentors from around the world, change-makers and creatives who choose to live at New Territory would also have the chance to attend events focused on career objectives that promote in-person discussion and the opportunity to bring their design and technological acumen to life.

Our Collaborators

Core Values

1) Impact Research & development
2) Philanthropy
3) Mitigate gentrification in real estate developments
4) Organic young professional / mentor co-existence
5) Real estate investment, property as an asset

Networking & social opportunities, entrepreneurial partnerships at all levels.

New Territory will launch its first property in the Brooklyn, New York area. Brooklyn has seen a tremendous influx of young professionals, business and real estate development moving into these areas. Often times new real estate developments take advantage of the creative community and neighborhoods. With the influx of new residents into existing communities, gentrification is sometimes inevitable. Many of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn NY where new developments bring do not always consider the effects they have on the larger contribution to the community. New Territory would like to change that, and make a larger social impact on contributing back to society.


Member vs. Resident

a) Member – becoming a member allows you to attend any intimate member’s only events, with opportunities to meet with mentors to discuss your exciting impact-driven projects and/or interact with potential business partners at a New Territory property.

b) Resident – becoming a resident allows you to live in a New Territory property within the chosen periods of 3/6/9/12-months. Being a resident also allows you all the benefits of becoming a member, but also includes options for a transportation package, a chef-prepared meal plan, and weekly cleaning services for your room.